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Meet Christian Country Artists:
Fortner Brothers 4 Christ

Behind the Music

From Fort Payne (Rainsville), Alabama, the Fortner Brothers carry on the musical tradition of

that area with great country music. However, Layne, 20, the oldest brother, and triplets,
Kennon, Konner, and Kyle, 18, want to do country music with a purpose. They want their music
to be listened to and appreciated by the whole family, with a message that goes right to the
Along with their father, Phillip, on keyboards, the boys make up a full country band. Layne plays
electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro, and steel, with Konner on bass, Kennon on drums, and
Kyle on acoustic and electric guitar. Their mother, Kayla, taught the boys to sing harmony at a
very young age and manages the band. Their beautiful family harmony can be heard on their
acapella beginning of “Keep On Keepin’ On,” their rendition of the National Anthem, and the
occasional addition of the Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” at non-church venues.
Though their singles have consistently charted in the top 10, with some going to #1, the boys
remain humble and excited about the direction their music is taking them. They are making
young friends and fans at every venue. “Music has always been something that motivated us,
especially through hard times. Now we are so thankful to be able to use it to uplift others and
spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well,” says oldest brother, Layne. Concerts with the
Fortner Brothers have something for everyone who loves family friendly lyrics sung country

Behind the Band


Layne Fortner

Vocalist, Lead/Rhythm Guitarist, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Dobro, Banjo, Fiddle


Kyle Fortner

Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Mandolin


Kennon Fortner

Vocalist and Drummer


Konner Fortner

Vocalist and Bass

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